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Forum Set Up

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 28, 2017 11:00 pm

This forum website has three key components that you will primarily be working with as you communicate with each other: Forum Names, Topics, and Replies.

1) Forum Name = titles of the forums, or forum categories. I have not yet seen if there is a way for you to add new forums, so I am creating two forum categories for your communications to go into (Questions and Tips and Tricks).
* If you would like me to add a forum category, please let me know and I'll be happy to do that.

2) Topics = click on the forum category to add new content. Simply click on the "new topic" button and you will be able to ask your question or share your idea. It is okay if you just want to write in the title text box. You must write something in the body of the text to be able to send the post. The format is very much like composing an email. Please remember to hit the send button when you are ready to post to the group.

3) Replies = You can add a "new reply" and monitor replies to any Topic. When you are looking at the list of Topics, you can see the number of replies that have been left.


Home Page
1) Forums Box - "How to Post and Respond"
        2) Topics Box - "Forum Set Up"
                  * In the Topics Box, you can reply to this post, "Post Reply," or you can click the button to create a "New Topic."

To navigate back to the beginning, simply press the "Home" link near the top of the page or use your navigation buttons in your browser.


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